Georgetown Royals Football '07

Royals wide receiver, Brandon Wade (left), is the league's leading receiver thanks to the outstanding play of his quarterback, Joe Esposito (at right).  » Ben Laing, Staff Photographer

Esposito, Wade have Georgetown primed for conference title

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Friday, October, 26 By Jimmy Carroll
Staff writer

For a powerhouse Georgetown team that is 5-1 and has scored 180 points in the Commonwealth Conference Small, the key to success goes beyond a potent offense.

It's the intangibles that fuel this engine.

Senior captain Brandon Wade is one half of a dynamic duo; the other half being junior quarterback Joe Esposito. This tandem has scored 126 points between them.

Despite their impact performances, Wade, who plays running back and wide receiver in an option offense, is quick to point out other reasons behind the offense's success.

"Joey and I are definitely able to do what we do because of the rest of the team," said Wade. "Our offense is based on decoys and everyone plays an important role, especially our line. They've done a great job of protecting Joey and opening up the lanes."

Despite their high-powered offense attack, offense alone does not win championships (read: Cincinnati Bengals). The Royals also feature a dominant defense that is able to force opposing squads to try and stop the Esposito/Wade show.

"Our defense is amazing," said Esposito, who's younger brother Chris starts at middle linebacker. "They are all downhill players who hit hard and get it done each week."

After implementing the new option offense that allows skill position players to take advantage of matchups by constantly moving and disguising plays, second-year coach Matt Bouchard is finally seeing the results of his team's hard work and preparation.

"I think (the team's success) has a lot to do with players getting used to the offense," said Esposito. "We have more experience and are really able to work better together." Working together is of course, a key element of any team's success | in any sport | but working hard together can truly elevate a team into another status.

"We have such excellent practices this year," said Esposito. "Our preparation and maturity as a team has come a long way."

In only their second year of playing alongside each other, Esposito and Wade have something special going on in Georgetown. Brandon Wade doubles as a receiver and running back, and also kicks field goals and extra points. On top of that, he starts at free safety. Esposito, a captain as a junior, conducts the offense and also has kickoff duties. For this team to succeed in the long run, it would seem as is these two would have a lot to do with it.

"They're huge for us. They are really great leaders of this team," said Bouchard. "They are dynamic players who play well each week."

It could be tempting to look ahead into potential playoff matchups, but for this Georgetown team, its focus is on a week-by-week basis.

"Right now we are focusing on one team, and that is the team we are playing this weekend," said Wade. "We aren't even thinking about the playoffs yet, we've still got some teams to beat."

With four games left in the season, the Royals are zeroed in on the Northeast Metro Tech. While the Knights are only 1-6, the Royals are not looking past them.

"Like Coach says, we've got to work hard no matter what and not be satisfied," said Esposito. "It doesn't matter what your

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