Georgetown Royals Boys Basketball '07-'08

Fri, Jan 18, 2008 06:30 PM @ Amesbury
Team 1 2 3 4 Final
Georgetown 18 22 12 13 65
Amesbury 7 6 17 9 39

Georgetown takes down Amesbury in physical game

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Georgetown 65, Amesbury 39 » Jim Vaiknoras, Staff PhotographerMore photos

Friday, January, 18 By John Shimer
Staff writer

If you are not a fan of a get-on-the-floor, scrappy, up-and-down game than last night's Georgetown-Amesbury clash was not your cup of tea.

With all the loose ball scrambles, tie-ups, and steals, the contest looked more like football than basketball.

The Indians could not match the Royals' superior speed and scoring ability. Georgetown put the game away for all intents and purposes with a 22-4 run to end the first half, giving the Royals a 27-point lead (40-13) at the break. The end result | the Royals going away, 65-39.

Coming off their big comeback win against Ipswich Tuesday night, the Royals looked quite crisp in whipping the ball around and finding the open man. Brandon Wade made several spectacular off-balance layups, Julio Colon was able to work a nice high-low game, and Spears got his buckets.

However, Tim Holland found his old explosive step to the hole, pouring in 16 points for the Royals.

"This was Timmy's best game of the year by far, he was outstanding," said Georgetown coach Mike Rowinski. "We made the switch in the starting lineup to take Kyle McKay out at forward and put Tim in that spot. Clearly the move paid off big time."

Holland, who had been immersed in the college recruiting process for baseball, picked Lake City Community College this past week for school and said he felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"I feel like I have a fresh start out here after my slow start," said Holland. "The team has been running me hard, and they have been on my tails, but tonight was the game." For Amesbury fans, the only real aspect of the game to cheer about was when Marion Wilder made an appearance during the halftime festivities. The athletic former football player got out with the cheerleaders to perform several back-to-back-to-back, back-flips to the applause of the Amesbury faithful.

The only other Amesbury cheers | mostly directed towards Jaymie Spears in the second half | of "overrated," were answered by the freshman phenom with 16 points overall and several no-look assists | each hushing the crowd.

For Amesbury coach Thom Connors and company the game was just another frustrating disappointment.

"We're losing games in the first five minutes to start each night, and we are not the type of team that can come back from big deficits," Connors said. "We practiced the last two days breaking the press, but once the kids got down they started to panic. Give credit where credit is due, Mike (Rowinski) has his kids playing real well."

Steve Serwon led the Indians in scoring with 11 points.

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-6         IndianFan26

It WAS rather like a football game.....but just as crazy was that Georgetown PARENT that was ejected from the game by athletic director Elizabeth McAndrews (you rock Elizabeth!). This guy was a major loser......somebody's FATHER! He was verbally assaulting / taunting one of the players on the court! He looked like a real moron, and the crowd actually CHEERED and waived goodbye when he was finally thrown out into the cold night! His son must not have been performing to his standards so he lashed out at the opponenents. It will be interesting to see if he is banned from Georgetown games for the rest of the season.....that's usually what happens. The Amesbury Athletic Dept. will notify Georgetown's on Tuesday I'm sure. Wow.

Report! #1 01/19/2008 07:16 AM

-4         Football Fan


Report! #2 01/19/2008 07:54 AM

-5         Football Fan

Georgetown should have to forfeit; that a-hole was harassing David Smith through half of the game; David handled it very well for as long as anyone could be expected to ......allthewhile playing the game!!....and he's a kid! After several complaints to teachers and the cheerleading coach, Elizabeth was told, and the guy was kicked out. How embarrassing for his child. I have seen games forfeited because of coaches attacking kids on the other team; why not a parent? We ALL heard the MIAA rules that were read at the start of the game. About four years ago, a parent from Manchester Essex ran onto the basketball court to yell at a coach.....my husband was reffing this game.........Manchester Essex had to forfeit & the father was suspended from all games for the remainder of the season. I say go for it Elizabeth....make an example of this loser.

Report! #3 01/19/2008 08:01 AM

5         gtownroyalssb

All of you are just pissed that your team didnt have a good game and our team was on top of theirs. Dont pretend that this parent represents all of Georgetown and that our team doesn't deserve their win.

Report! #4 01/19/2008 09:35 AM

-4         Football Fan

Pissed, not really; embarrassed for the son of that idiot, yes. He took all of the attention away from those kids that played their hearts out. The game will be remembered for THAT, unfortunately. All but two of Amesbury's basketball players are Cape Ann League Champion varsity football stars; unfortunately, Amesbury cannot draw from a larger more integrated city as Georgetown can for a more diversified team. Additionally, as symantics would have it, only three players on the Amesbury team are over the age of 16. Maybe division 4 rules are different than division 3? Anyone know?

Report! #5 01/19/2008 09:53 AM

-5         IndianFan26

Guys, settle down..... these teams are not in the same division; doesn't matter to either team what the result was....Georgetown can't count the win in their standings, and Amesbury does not count the loss in theirs. It's good to face teams outside of your division...it's like a really intense practice for all. Which makes the idiot parent incident even more bizarre. Each year, each town has the chance to stand out in their division for each sport. Amesbury is strong in football and baseball, Georgetown has a chance in basketball this year. All the kids tried hard throughout the whole game. I have to say that #20 for Georgetown had a great shot.

Report! #6 01/19/2008 10:04 AM

4         gtownroyalssb

Ok pretty sure i was at the game and i barely even remeber the guy being kicked out of the gym. Actually i didnt even notice who it was. And that is saying something since everyone in georgetown know eachother. But i can clearly remember the Amesbury player being asked to leave the court and storm into the locker room.

Report! #7 01/19/2008 10:07 AM

5         gtownroyalssb

OK Indianfan26 iI agree. And # 20 is only a freshman so by the time he is a senior he will be amazing. But not to start a fight but our football team doesnt exactly suck, they only had 2 losses. And as for baseball watchout for Tim Holland (#12 from last night) that is his sport. He is amazing and he isnt our only good player. But I give you guys credit for you football team.

Report! #8 01/19/2008 10:17 AM

4         GTownLoyalRoyal

alright ya know wat, i dont even play basketball n ithink i could have beaten amsbury, our GAA teams coulda beaten them. there not good at all, and there all just poor losers about. And for our football team, i do play, and we had only two loses last year, beating shawsheen and whittier are just two of the major games we played. watch out next year were movin up in the division, you were only 5-6 GREAT JOB. Now go cry about gettin your heads handed to you last night.

Report! #9 01/19/2008 05:12 PM

-3         Football Fan

Saw Georgetown play; not worried. Let's not forget that Division 4 is where you were when you won some games.

Report! #10 01/19/2008 05:56 PM

-4         Football Fan

Amesbury's losses were, against LARGE schools; which is why they went to Superbowl playoffs. Did I mention 8 years of undefeated kids on the team????? Haven't lost one player along the way; in fact, gained a few.... 19 of these boys have been together since 2000. AND, they didn't get trained in sissy Pop Warner football, where there are "weight limits".

Report! #11 01/19/2008 05:59 PM

-3         aoogah

kkamesbury1 is correct; the up & coming Amesbury team (which has been predicted to go to the Superbowl in 2008 & 2009 since 2006; but surprised eveyone in 07) will be a huge problem for the D3 teams; never mind a team coming up who lost 2 games against D4 teams. Really. Having lost 2 games in D4; we're really unsure as to why Georgetown petitioned to move up to our division. I personally am glad that Amesbury voted to let you in....it'll be a big W for us.

Report! #12 01/19/2008 06:10 PM

-4         aoogah

Does Georgetown pull from a larger city for talent in football too? Or do they use Gerogetown kids for that sport?

Report! #13 01/19/2008 06:23 PM

2         sportsfan360

Georgetown doesnt bring kids from other cities, they come to us because they would rather be in high school there. Just so all of you know just because some of our players dont live in town, it doesnt mean that the kids who do live in Georgetown aren't great at sports. For football i dont even know who many records Brandon wade broke and he has lived in town his whole life. But does it really matter where we get our player because in the end we will beat you every time.

Report! #14 01/19/2008 06:51 PM

-2         GtownAllTheWay

I was at the game last night and I can tell you with 100% certainty that was NOT a parent of any Gtown hoops players but a fan. He has no one on any Gtown hoops teams. His behavior was embarassing, for sure and I give credit to your AD and your parents/fans who were on top of the situation. Gtown has yet to play its best game but they are winning, which is good. A couple of big games and wins against the upcoming Lynnfield, North Andover, etc will bring out the true potential and competiveness of this team.

Report! #15 01/19/2008 07:41 PM

-2         IndianFan26

That guy is a real wierdo.

Report! #16 01/19/2008 08:10 PM

1         basketballFan

I was at the game last night and didn't see anyone get thrown out. And even if there was an idiot fan/parent, don't hold that against the Georgetown kids who beat Amesbury handily. If you're an Amesbury fan, just be a good sport and recognize that your team got whipped last night - everyone knows it was over at halftime. Also, one idiot fan doesn't represent all the Georgetown fans last night that cheered on their team. Does anyone know who this mystery person is? If so, please enlighten all of us so we know the FACTS about what happened last night. In the meantime, stop with all the bravado. Georgetown won the game, and it was never close. The freshmen, JV and Varsity easily won, so it's clear that hoops is not one of Amesbury's best sports. Oh, and please stop with the comments about the 2 school choice kids playing hoops. They are students in good standing at Georgetown High School first and foremost before athletics. And the other 11 kids on varstiy are Georgetown residents.

Report! #17 01/19/2008 08:28 PM

-3         GtownAllTheWay

I know who the "mystery fan" was/is. It is not necessary to share his name here. As I said, he is not the parent of *any* current Gtown athletes. I was on the far side of the gym when I saw him get tossed and I saw the Amesbury player get tossed as well. At the time, I had no idea that the 2 events were related. Suffice it to say that the Gtown AD will have his name if has not already been informed (of it) by the Amesbury AD.

Report! #18 01/19/2008 08:40 PM

1         basketballFan

Oh, and IndianFan26, just to correct you. Last night's game DOES count in the CAL standings. Even though Gtown is in the CAL small and Amesbury is in the CAL large, they are both in the Cape Ann League (which makes the game all the more impressive since a CAL small team beat a much bigger school). The game counts in the standings....

Report! #19 01/19/2008 08:43 PM

1         basketballFan

Is the mystery fan a Georgetown resident? If so, he should be banned from games at the Georgetown High School too. I'm sure the Gtown AD would agree with that because he has no tolerance for such bad behavior.

Report! #20 01/19/2008 08:46 PM

0         GtownAllTheWay

Yes. He is a Gtown resident.

Report! #21 01/19/2008 08:50 PM

1         Gtownroyals

I was playing last night and I don't remeber anyone from etiher side getting tossed. So can someone clarify what happened. And all this talk of how 5-6 amesbury, who only got to the playoffs because Clancy was suspended for thanksgiving, would kick 8-2 georgetown's ass, even though one of our losses was to Div 3A Superbowl champion Greater Lawrence, has me waiting for next years schedule to see when we play you. If any of you Cape Ann teams sleep on georgetown next year then your gonna be in for a big loss.

Report! #22 01/19/2008 09:54 PM

-1         IndianFan26

Hoopfan, You are wrong, and I may be wrong as well. Firstly, Amesbury is Cape Ann small, not large. In fact, Georgetown is the only high school in the Cape Ann leage that is smaller than Amesbury. We are the two little guys in the league. However, I may be wrong on another note if Georgetown is division 3 in basketball. If so, then the game counts toward standings. If Georgetown is division 4 as in football last year, then the game does not affect standings.

Report! #23 01/19/2008 10:08 PM

-1         IndianFan26

Additionally, the above-mentioned "Amesbury player escorted off the court into the locker room" was the victim of the wierdo fan on the sidelines. Because of the noise & the action, many on the far end missed the situation; but, because I was sitting behind the victim's mom, I knew what was going on. The removed the player because he was threatened and verbally assaulted by the adult. The ref made the decision, and there was only a couple of minutes left in the game. The wierd guy had been doing strange things since about the start of the 2nd half.

Report! #24 01/19/2008 10:12 PM

0         Gtownroyals

Georgetown is Div 4 and cape ann small for basektball while amesbury is Div 3 and cape ann large. BUT the game still counts in the standings for the cape ann title even though our teams are in different divisions.

Report! #25 01/19/2008 10:13 PM

1         basketballFan

Wow, IndianFan26, once and for all, here are the Cape Ann League teams: Cape Ann Large Masconomet North Andover Wilmington Newburyport Amesbury Triton Pentucket Cape Ann Small Georgetown Lynnfield North Reading Hamilton-Wenham Ipswich Manchester-Essex Rockport As you can see, there are atleast 7 teams in the Cape Ann that are smaller than Amesbury. It's great that you have your opinions, but please at least get your facts straight....

Report! #26 01/19/2008 10:55 PM

-1         GoRoyals

All this talk of weirdo fan....where was he sitting/standing? I don't think any of the fans in the stands on the side where you enter the gym knew anything was going on. I'm wondering if this actually happened.

Report! #27 01/19/2008 11:07 PM

-1         GoRoyals

FYI Hoopfan, the only schools in the Cape Ann league that are smaller than Georgetown are Rockport and Manchester Essex. Georgetown HS has about 440 students, Amesbury HS has about 700

Report! #28 01/19/2008 11:18 PM

-1         Football Fan

Once the first quarter got under way, the gym became very crowded & we were literally squished on the bleachers. About four or five people were standing near where the basket was on the entrance side of the gym. Many more were squeezed in the corner; but, this guy was the furthest away from the entrance door....almost directly underneathe the basket ; he was leaning against the wall. The refs actually asked people to move away from being underneath the basket(probably for safety reasons) and the guy had to move over a little....but, he was still the closest to the basket. Into the third quarter, the moms in front of us kept noticing that he was speaking to and yelling stuff at an Amesbury player every time he went in for a basket or whatever. The Amesbury player gave him a dirty look and would continue playing each time. A short time later, the guy leaned forward and yelled something into the player's face after he got a basket. The player complained to the ref, finally, and then as that conversation was going on on the court, the Amesbury cheerleading coach went over to the AD and pointed to the guy, etc., etc., and he was escorted out. That's when the people in the stands started cheering & waiving goodbye; including Colon's mom & sister, who we were sitting next to. Mrs. Colon said she did not know him but was glad to see him ousted.The player had become so pissed and frustrated, that the trainer came onto the court & took him into the locker room for a short while.

Report! #29 01/19/2008 11:23 PM

1         basketballFan

Thank you for this info kkamesbury1. I was sitting on the near side too, but unfortunately I did not see anything. I do remember a tall guy standing there - he was standing with his son. I looked later in the game and the boy was standing alone, so his dad was probably removed. I know who this is and if this is the culprit, he does not represent the large number of Royal fans that were at the game, and I'm glad he was removed.

Report! #30 01/19/2008 11:30 PM

1         basketballFan

FYI an earlier post was correct. That guy has no kids in the basketball program, nor any athletic program that I know of.

Report! #31 01/19/2008 11:33 PM

-1         Football Fan

Oh also, everyone here seems confused about divisions & standings. The only games that count toward a team's standing are games within their division and size. For Georgetown, the only games that can help are wins within the Cape Ann Small Division 4. This is how Amesbury (to the surprise of all; as we were not expecting this until '08) won their division in football. They won more games in their division (Cape Ann Small D3a) than other teams in D3a. They tied Newburyport, but by beating Newburyport, won the division. That is ALL that matters for a team; to do better than everyone else in the same division. Once having won D3Asmall; Amesbury played a D3a large at playoff. Beginning in 2008, football teams will not cross over from large to small,, or small to large in playoffs (figures, right?). This is a new MIAA rule. Our football games against LARGES (Masco, N. Andover, etc.) had no bearing, and our games against D4 had absolutely no bearing.

Report! #32 01/19/2008 11:35 PM

1         basketballFan

Basketball and Football are NOT THE SAME. If you don't believe me, please go to http://calscores.com/, and click on "BOYS HOOPS". You will see the standings and games played. As you can see ALL CAPE ANN LEAGUE COUNT IN BASKETBALL, UNLESS YOU PLAY THAT TEAM TWICE - IN WHICH CASE ONLY ONE OF THOSE CONTESTS COUNT. So I'm sorry to inform you that last night's game counts as a loss for Amesbury in the CAL standings. Call your AD if you still don't believe me.

Report! #33 01/19/2008 11:43 PM

-1         aoogah

hoopfan, I think these guys assumed that its not the overall record that is considered, but, the divisional record; which is how all of the other leagues do it. On the particular "calscores" website, they do not specify. They just say two teams with best record in each division; which is ambiguous but seems to indicate divisional record. I have NEVER heard of an overall record counting for anything; in any of these varsity sports This is either incorrect, or a new concept. My four sons played varsity football, basketball and baseball, and overall scores were never considered in the other leagues, and this was just a couple of years ago. They played in both Cape Ann and Middlesex over the years. Hmmn, interesting. Georgetown may have a chance to place because thay have a good basketball team this year, but the chances are reduced if they have to play higher divisions, etc.

Report! #34 01/20/2008 12:33 AM

0         Royals56

that was a really good game except for the size of the gym people could not get in to see the game, also the blue crew totally controlled the court and the chants, it was basically a home game for the royals.

Report! #35 01/20/2008 12:38 AM

-1         aoogah

It absolutely sucks playing there; but, until the Amesbury High School construction is completed, that's the place (it's the middle school gym). Georgetown was rowdy. Crowds of winning teams are always the loudest; especially when they are having their first great season in years. This past football season, Amesbury fans had to bring their own chairs to the away games because we could not fit into the bleachers after about 2 games, and, a couple of hundred people were turned away from the Amesbury/Newburyport game because of the Amesbury numbers. So don't complain! LOL. Amesbury fans outnumbered Newburyport fans about 2 to 1 according to newspapers. I'm sure it will happen again this year.

Report! #36 01/20/2008 12:46 AM

-1         IndianFan26

Thanks aoogah, at last someone who understands! You explained it a lot better than I could have. Yes, one would obviously assume that an overall record would normally not be a determining factor; then again; all of my older sons were all FOOTBALL & BASEBALL only.

Report! #37 01/20/2008 01:46 AM

0         Gtownroyals

aoogah I wouldn't say that this is our first great basketball season in years. We've made the state tournament for at least the past 3 years as far as I can remeber, and won at least one game in the tournament all those years.

Report! #38 01/20/2008 08:29 AM

-1         IndianMom

Boy oh boy, can't tell which of you are kids & which are adults; but, instead of arguing why aren't you all utilizing this website to help yourselves! My sophomore athlete is our fifth son, and the first three did not have this resource to help with their college resumes.....two D2 schools have already come to see him play football, partly because of the articles written on this website about Amesbury's football season! My son provided a link to the athletic departments and head coaches after he registered with the NCAA last year and completed his first combine. And we have one playing D!A football in September. Another school has asked our sophomore for his baseball schedule ASAP. It doesn't matter s ONLY what the team does as a whole; although it very important to the team members I understand; but, what your child accomplishes as an individual as well. Register your son with the NCAA Clearinghouse; make sure he participates in this spring's combine in April, and keep that athletic resume full! And make sure he remains on honor roll at all costs & stays out of trouble. This argiung is ridiculous and meaningless. Kudos to the website for making these articles and photos available for students to enhance their resumes!

Report! #39 01/20/2008 08:59 AM

0         IndianMom

Also, college athletic departments/coaches will need film of at least 2 games from each sport...so, get those from your coaches.

Report! #40 01/20/2008 09:13 AM

1         basketballFan

I'm glad everyone seems to have chilled out. The bottom line is that all games against CAL teams count towards the record that counts for possible tournament bids. CAL large and CAL small teams play against each other and the games count towards the tournament. This is different from football where only the games against your "division" count. So you know Amesbury, any games against CAL small teams (ie; Georgetown, H_W, Rockport, etc.) these games count toward your record that is used to determine if you qualify for the state tournament. As for IndianMom, good luck with the recruiting. The scouts will generally not find big time recruits in the CAL. The statistics will prove that it's unlikely that your prized son will get an athletic college scholarship. Focus on academics.....

Report! #41 01/23/2008 07:02 PM

1         basketballFan

p.s. Mike Iola (Penntucket HS 2004 grad) is playing for D2 St., Michaels in basketball. He was all-everything for his high school team. Can anyone name any other CAL basketball player s who got a D1 or D2 basketball scholarship in hte past 20 years? Exactly....so let's keep this all in perspective....you don't see any Duke or Holy Cross prospects playing hoops in the CAL. Let's all calm down and just enjoy the games.....

Report! #42 01/23/2008 07:08 PM

1         basketballFan

Sorry, one last comment....there are no Amesbury basketball players that I saw in the game that have any chance for a college scholarship at any level - including community college. Give it a rest.....thanks.

Report! #43 01/23/2008 07:12 PM

1         IndianFan26

Think you may have misunderstood, Hoopfan... IndianMom's son, who graduated from Amesbury High, starts in D1A college football. I'd say his name but would have to ask her first. The youngest son in this family was invited to visit Iowa State this summer (again football). I think she just meant that rather than argue here, get your kids to learn how to use such resources. Honor roll goes without saying.

Report! #44 01/24/2008 07:50 PM

0         aoogah

Hoopfan's probably right about CAL not producing basketball players; but, there are a few recent CAL football players that have done well. Steve Battle; Amesbury class of 2005;starting D2 South Dakota State; 100% athletic scholarship; a favorite for pro draft 2010; Jamie Mroz; Amesbury class of 2007; starting D2; still only a freshman! Wayne Lucier; although moved to Salem New Hampshire for grades 11 through 12; was coached by Amesbury's own Pudgy Kitchen and played 2 seasons for New York Giants; first Colorado State though; full scholarship. And I am sorry Newburyport but I can't remember your guy's name! Pro football player; graduated late 1990's. It's not necessarily a league or a team that draws attention; but, the individual. Just so happens that when these guys moved up, their high school teams didn't even have good seasons.

Report! #45 01/24/2008 08:56 PM

0         Football Fan

Ho Hoopfan....Indian Mom here, something's wrong with my ID so kkamesbury 1 has loaned me this ID. There is no "prized son". Just sons that are on honor roll and have been proactive about being able to continue in sports because they love to play & excel at certain ones. I was only trying to help....didn't mean to ruffle any feathers!

Report! #46 01/24/2008 09:51 PM

0         Football Fan

oh, and scholarships.....only available for D1 and 2; blue chip top 50 nationwide only' didn't mean to get any hope us!

Report! #47 01/24/2008 09:52 PM

0         Football Fan

hopes up, that is

Report! #48 01/24/2008 09:53 PM

0         Football Fan

hopes up, that is

Report! #49 01/24/2008 09:53 PM

-1         GoRoyals

That' s great that a select handful of CAL kids might get a football scholarship once in a while. And I agree this website can be used to help kids advocate for themselves. Having said that, at least in basketball in our town, there is way too much hype around certain players that will never play D1 hoops. I'm sure Amesbury has its fair share of these misguided parents too. So I agree with Hoopfan - there are no D1 college basketball players from a CAL school that I am aware of. In fact if you look at the rosters for BC and Holy Cross, 2 D1 Mass schools, there are very few if any kids even from the anywhere in the state of massacusetts. And IndianMom, congrats if your son gets the opportunity to play football in college.

Report! #50 01/25/2008 10:20 AM

0         basketballFan

Amesbury continues to lose by 25 points every game. The Amesbury fans should acknowlege the fact that other CAL Small teams are just better than they are. Or maybe Amesbury should petition to move to the CAL small division since they can't compete in the CAL large.

Report! #51 01/27/2008 05:51 AM

0         IndianFan26

I would agree, Hoopfan, except that based on what you said earlier about all games counting toward playoff eligibility, etc..... don't think that would change the dynamics. Sometimes you just have to chalk up a bad season; a school can't always stand out in every sport, every year. Again, all but 2 of these guys are the starting line up for the varsity footballteam; it has been that way for this particular group as far back as I can remember.

Report! #52 01/27/2008 07:28 AM

0         GtownAllTheWay

GoRoyals, perhaps you are a misguided parent ? Who says you cannot "aim for the top" in field hockey, football, soccer, baseball or hoops whether it be D1, Low D1 or D2? Gtown has produced athletes who have played in national championships in various sports on various levels. Do we have a huge base to pull from ? No. ...but Gtown produces athletes that can do *something* with their abilities somewhere. Sure BC doesn't recruit from Massachusetts, they never have...but there's more than just BC or Holy Cross....just getting to play your sport in college *is* something to aim for, isn't it?

Report! #53 01/29/2008 10:28 PM

0         GtownAllTheWay

According to the New England Recuiting Report, Jaymie Spears is ranked 8th for the class of 2011. http://www.newenglandrecruitingreport.com/rankings/massachusetts.php

Report! #54 01/30/2008 05:46 PM

0         aoogah

This just in from Amesbury Athletic Director; was speaking with her earlier....and I asked about large and small.... calscores website is in error; Amesbury is in Cape Ann SMALL league for basketball. It sure didn't seem that with a pop of only 14,700 in the town that they'd be in LARGE. I guess that explains the confusion. Newburyport is small also though, and they have 27,000 pop.and almost double the hs students. ????? Go figure

Report! #55 01/31/2008 01:37 PM

0         GoRoyals

My only point was that there never has been a D1 basketball recruit from Georgetown. Period. I didn't mention any other sports. Other sports D1, D2 or D3, yes, sure. And that's great - to play at any level in college is a great accomplishment. I still challenge you to show me all the D1 basketball players who played in the cape ann league. Don't count Jaymie Spears as a "prospect". Give me the names of past players who played hoops in the CAL (from anywhere not just Georgetown) who went on to big time D1 glory. And don't count Sean Connolly from Peabody who played at Bishop Fenwick and D1 at Providence and Ohio State. Give me a true Cape Ann League player who got a D1 basketball scholarship...exactly...Thanks!!

Report! #56 01/31/2008 04:58 PM

0         GtownAllTheWay

Wow, GoRoyals, to quote IndianFan26, "settle down." Of recent history, on the girls side Masconomet’s two-time Boston Herald All-Scholastic Caroline Stewart verbally committed to attend Boston University on a basketball scholarship and plans to study communications. According to the Herald, Stewart selected Boston University over a final group of schools which included American University, St. Joseph’s and Loyola of Maryland, all of whom offered scholarships. You're right - there will likely be very few if any D1 prospects in CAL, which is competitive but not exactly the most top-notch hoops division to play in. Jaymie Spears will be the exception not the rule but I would rather think of the possibilities not the limitations.

Report! #57 01/31/2008 10:03 PM

0         GtownAllTheWay

Shae Fitzpatrick, from Lynnfield, Cape Ann League's Player of the Year from a few year's back, starts for Brown University but not sure if she's on scholarship

Report! #58 01/31/2008 10:57 PM

0         aoogah

I agree that Spears seems to stand out in this league; but, I mean....his height....he is not even of AVERAGE height for a boy of his age.

Report! #59 02/01/2008 06:55 AM

0         GoRoyals

OK you got me. I'll admit that the "hype" I talk about and the misguided parents in our youth program are on the boys side. For some reason there are parents who's kids are currently in the youth league that think they are going to be D1 players. So sorry to short change the girls. In fact I just remembered a girl from Masco who played on the varsity as a 7th grader, then played for BC and in the WNBA. Brianne Stepherson. Sorry Brianne....you played in the CAL and you made it all the way to the pros. Good for you!!! I stand corrected.....

Report! #60 02/01/2008 07:43 AM

0         GoRoyals

So my challenge for you all is to please let me know of any boys CAL players who went on to play on a D1 scholarship. Thanks.

Report! #61 02/01/2008 07:45 AM

0         PFflyer

It must be frustrating for any team to lose as often and by such big margins as Amesbury has in basketball for the past few years. But watch the players at the end of a game. There are several individuals on the Amesbury team who, no matter what kind of beating they've endured on the court, ALWAYS shake hands graciously and even give a pat on the back for some opposing players, showing a genuine appeciation for their opponent's talent. There are many parents, on all sides, who could take a lesson from that kind of maturity.

Report! #62 02/01/2008 01:37 PM

0         mascograd

Georgetown is over-rated. So is Masco. Wilmington and North Andover are clearly the 2 best teams in the CAL.

Report! #63 02/06/2008 08:47 AM

0         GtownAllTheWay

The Cape Ann League is made up of Division Two, Three and Four schools. Considering that Division 4 Georgetown has less than 400 students, I wouldn't say they are over-rated. They gave Division 2 Masco (1220+students) a scare and hung in tough with Division 2 North Andover (1175 students) too. Wilmington is a Division 3 school with twice the students as Georgetown (885) and GTwon played tough but could not hang with Wilmington down the stretch. Bottom line, the bigger schools are better. Is that a surprise? Considering their size, Georgetown is a good Division 4 school who has played well against higher level competition. They are only going to get better over the next couple of years:)

Report! #64 02/16/2008 11:57 PM

0         GtownAllTheWay

FYI..all of the enrollment info is available from the miaa website: http://www.miaa.net/Basketball-Boys-06-09-alignment.pdf

Report! #65 02/16/2008 11:58 PM

0         mascograd

Georgetown beats the teams they should beat (Rockport, Lynnfield, Amesbury etc.) but they lose to the good teams (NR, H-W, North Andover, Wilmington etc.). FYI, they did not "hang tough" with Wilmington, they were clearly overmatched.

Report! #66 02/17/2008 09:22 AM