Salem Blue Devils Cheerleading '07

Defending New England Champs

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Wednesday, October, 03 By Gordon Fraser
Staff writer

The Blue Devils cheerleading squad is hoping for a third win at the New England championship competition this year, but they'll have to overcome their arch-rivals at Pinkerton Academy to do it.

Under the coaching of Colleen O'Shea, who has led the Salem squad since 1991, the Blue Devils were first place finishers in the New England competition in 2006 and 2007.

They'll be attending the first of two state competitions this year on Nov. 4, where they'll face off against Pinkerton Academy. Last year, Pinkerton took second place in the fall statewide competition and first in the winter. Salem traded off | taking first in the fall and second in the winter. Cheerleading involves more than just getting fellow students psyched at pep rallies, several Salem cheerleaders said. With a five-days-per-week practice schedule and professionally choreographed routines, cheerleaders are really gymnasts, several cheerleaders said.

And despite Hollywood stereotypes, cheerleaders are nothing like the girls in the film "Bring it On," several said. For instance, the "spirit fingers" made famous by the 2000 film just aren't part of cheer choreography. Ever.

"Nobody does spirit fingers. It's, like, non-existant in cheerleading," said Gina Ciambella, a 16-year-old junior.

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