Talk Back: Who will win the Thanksgiving Day games?

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We want to know who you think will win the Thanksgiving games.

What will the score be?

Who will be the games MVP?

What band will have the best halftime show?

Leave your answers below

14 Story Comments

-1         IndianFan26

Amesbury over Newburyport 21-7 Why? Nbpt defense not bad, or the Amesbury score would be higher; Amesbury has had a lot of huge runback touchdowns from the kick off this year (superfast, elusive backs); and, Newburyport has trouble running the ball; their most-used quarterback ejected from last game for fighting with a Lynnfield player & cannot play on Thanksgiving,and all he did well was pass. They passed 70%, ran the ball 30% all season. Amesbury's defense is good, also. If Clancy were playing, the score would be a little closer.

Report! #1 11/21/2007 11:47 AM

-1         jjfast93

Central Catholic over Andover 24-21, andover has given up a lot of points this year and i think they will on thanksgiving to, they will have trouble stopping leavitt and central will have trouble stopping mike pierce, i give central the edge because weather doesnt look to good and passing on a wet slippery field is tough, MVP Mike Leavitt

Report! #2 11/21/2007 12:39 PM

-1         unocinco

Newburyport over Amesbury 28-7. The newburyport defense has let up the least points in the Cal small this season, shutting out both lynnfield and north reading. Both of whom had playoff hopes. Then newburyport offense, contrary to the comment left above, is a more run oriented offense, the passing game is simply effective. If the previous predictor of this game took a look at the play calling composition, you'll notice that their number one back has more rushing attempts than Joe Clancy has passing attempts, not to mention they sport a multitude of athletes in the backfield. I have yet to see a standout player on the Amesbury roster, witht eh exception of a somewhat productive 19 year old freshman.

Report! #3 11/21/2007 04:41 PM

-2         jburl34

Not only is the Newburyport defense the finest in the league, but their run game is also by far superior to anything Amsebury has. Justin Burl is an absolute house who can run over anyone,anywhere, anytime. The weak Amsebury defense will not be able to penetrate through the line to reach the quarterback, or touch Burl or Leblanc out of the backfield. Prediction: Newburyport 48 Amsebury 0

Report! #4 11/21/2007 07:09 PM

0         thunderhorse43

Wilder and Flanagan better protect their necks

Report! #5 11/21/2007 07:12 PM

0         wheels1390

Masco over NA(MVP: Chris Splinter) Newburyport over Amesbury, I know the Newburyport QB is out but I watched Amesbury, an absolutely horrible team, Newburyport should win. Andover over Central Catholic, Mike Pierce is just too much Pentucket over triton, no explanation needed Xaverian over St. Johns, just think they have gotten better more than St. Johns has.

Report! #6 11/21/2007 08:03 PM

1         IndianFan26

Hi unocinco, Marion Wilder turned 17 last week, and he is a SOPHOMORE. NOT a 19 year old junior!!! LOL!!! Just more proof that this rivalry has gone WILD!!! Although Nbpt would like to THINK that he ia a 19 year old.....he is not. He really is JUST THAT UNBELIEVABLEY TALENTED!!! Anyway, the fact still remains, Newburyport is a 70% passing, 30% running team. I have not seen all of their games.....but, I have not seen theM run the ball much. You never know!

Report! #7 11/21/2007 08:47 PM

1         IndianFan26

Burl is a one show pony.

Report! #8 11/21/2007 08:51 PM

1         IndianFan26

Wishful thinking is okay Thunderhorse! LOL Especially on the eve of your slaughter.

Report! #9 11/21/2007 09:02 PM

1         IndianFan26

woops Unocino, I meant to say "not a 19 year old FRESHMAN". Newburyport cried that Wilder was "so much older" when they got slaughtered last year. (20-0)......let's set the record straight here; he turned 17 last week. And he is a sophomore LOL

Report! #10 11/21/2007 09:09 PM

0         IndianFan26

Thunderhorse, The Newburyport Police Department, and the MIAA Commissioner have just received a copy of your above post. Oh, and from the sound of it, you couldn't break a "D" average, never mind a neck.

Report! #11 11/21/2007 09:50 PM

0         PaulR29

Amesbury 26 Newbuyrport 19, Expect Kevin Johnston to run the show. I predict at least one run back this game and a few others for big yardage. Amesbury needs big man Nick Eaton to have the game of his life as well and Steve Serwon to stay focused and not let his emotion for the game get the best of him.

Report! #12 11/22/2007 08:28 AM

1         td4455

Props to amesbury for beating Newburyport. But heres the truth about the CAL small. Hamilton-Wenham was far and away the best team in the small in the begining of the season. The only team to even come close to Masco with the exceptions of Pentucket (who won, but H-W beat in game 1 of the season) and Wilmington. The thing is, in the game against Masco, !who other CAL small teams didnt even play) H-W two best lineman both two way tackles/guards got hurt. Followed by the injury of ill-nasty running back Jake Cotter against Triton. Otherwise, Hamilton-Wenham would have absolutley dominated the CAL small and would be going to the playoffs right now. But thats not what happened and Amesbury won, so nice job and represent the CAL nicely.

Report! #13 11/22/2007 05:50 PM

0         ptuck47fb

Nate bunnell will pown all of your little so called teams pentucket over triton 465438756 to 0

Report! #14 02/14/2008 07:24 PM