Timberlane Owls Field Hockey '07

Sun, Oct 28, 2007 02:30 PM @ Neutral Location
Team Final
Playoff Game
Salem 4
Timberlane 0
Carolyn Malloy, center, scored twice for the Salem, N.H., Blue Devils Sunday as Salem shut out the Timberlane Owls 4-0 to win the New Hampshire state field hockey finals on Oct. 28. » Jan Seeger, Staff PhotographerMore photos

Malloy scores twice, breaks school scoring record

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Monday, October, 29 By Ryan Lambert
Staff writer

Carolyn Malloy was teetering on the brink of a school record for 52-plus minutes yesterday.

She sat tied with Chelsey Feole's 2002 mark of 28 goals in one season after scoring twice against Pinkerton in the semifinal. Then, with 7:19 left in the game, she broke the record with Salem's third goal of the game.

"It worked out nicely because they had a hit going into our circle, and something happened that made it our free hit," said Malloy. "(Timberlane's defense) just wasn't set up at all, and Ashley Mulkey just got the ball real quick and slammed it upfield to me."

Malloy did the rest, getting behind a defender and rifling the ball into the net.

She scored again with 2:50 remaining to extend the lead further, and the goal was impressive. She corralled a loose ball in the circle, worked it around a defender and beat Timberlane goalie Brittany McFarland-Bateman for her 30th goal of the season.

"It was a special day for Carolyn," said Salem coach Carol Merchant. "She finished with 30 goals and I don't care who you are or what level you're playing, that's a lot of goals."

The "D" word

It was the 600-pound gorilla on the field that Salem was too modest to acknowledge. They had to be cajoled into even saying it.

"Dynasty? I like that," said Tatum Dyer, who masterfully controlled the midfield yesterday. "It's great. We all were hoping for this. It's so surreal (to use the word)."

It had to be said though. What other word could there be? Three titles in a row?

Six in seven years?

Seven in 10?

"That's a lot," Merchant admitted. "Every year's different and every group is different. These girls have won before but the only one that matters now is this one, and to the seniors especially."

Malloy, who has been instrumental for the Blue Devils' championship teams the past three seasons, put it best: "It's awesome."

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Down 2-0, Timberlane had a very good chance to cut the lead to one with 9:45 to go. The Owls drew a string of six penalty corners, sustaining their most impressive offensive threat of the game. However, they were only able to muster one shot on net in the flurry, which Salem netminder Andrea Ghazarian had to dive to stop.

Of course, that flurry pulled most of the Timberlane team into a 10-square yard area, allowing Malloy to break free for her first goal.

"I wasn't that nervous (that Timberlane would score)," said Malloy. "Our defense is unbelievable and I have a lot of faith in them when I'm upfield. I wasn't worried at

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