Methuen Rangers Cheerleading '07

Methuen Cheerleading goes co-ed

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Thursday, October, 04 By Stephanie Chelf
Staff writer

Methuen High cheerleaders, five-time state champions in the past six years, are trying something new this year, they'll be competing in the co-ed division for the first time.

The 23-member squad has two males on the team for the first time. Coach Jessica Hamilton said the boys, freshman Michael Hamel and senior Sean Bibeau, are a great addition to the team.

"They are both extremely talented," said Hamilton, who is in her fifth year leading the squad. "It's a little different. They're are hard workers and force the girls to work even harder. They love what they do and they are so good at it. It hasn't been a problem whatsoever."

Having the two boys on the team will also allow Hamilton to try out some new tricks for the competitive squad. The team's captains are seniors Alexa Leclerc, Amanda George, Rebecca Lucas, and Kayla Getchell, who Hamilton has coached since they were freshmen.

Hamilton had 55 students try out for 20 spots on the competition team. She expands the roster to 23 students to cheer at football games.

"It's a program that's grown and we've been successful," Hamilton said.

The squad will compete in a state tournament Nov. 18.

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