Haverhill Hillies Girls Indoor Track '10-'11

Fri, Feb 18, 2011 04:00 PM @ Neutral Location
Team Final
Andover 48
Haverhill 10
Lawrence 0
Methuen 0

Andover's Salley steps into the spotlight

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BOSTON — She’s been Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan for her entire
career, but yesterday was Andover High senior Jess Salley’s day in the
Salley soared an indoor personal best 5-5 to capture the Division 1
state high jump in dramatic fashion.
For her entire career, Salley has had to take a back seat to her close
friend and teammate Moira Cronin. One of the top high jumpers in area
history, Salley still was only second best on her own team.
But yesterday the University of Virginia bound Cronin, who is still
recovering from an left quadriceps injury, was already eliminated.
It was just Salley, Newton South junior Nicole Kestenberg and their
collective nerves.
On the third and  final jump, Salley nailed it, giving her the title.
In a heartwarming show of sportsmanship, the happiest person in the
Reggie Lewis Center might have been Cronin.
The two embraced once, they embraced twice and their smiles could have
lit up the Boston skyline.
Salley had two strong attempts to equal the meet record of 5-7 ... held
by guess who? Ms. Cronin ... but that will have to be for another day,
perhaps next week.
“It means a lot to have Moira there,” said Salley, who has always been
the gracious runner-up to the great Cronin. “It feels great. I’ve
practiced so long for 5-5. It’s just one step at a time. My dad always
said I had it in me. I knew it. It felt right. Once my feet got over
the bar, I knew. I don’t really remember it. I just went to hug Moira.”
Cronin quickly put her disappointement behind her.
“As much as I was so frustrated, I couldn’t be happier for her,” said
Cronin, who tied for fourth. “She’s probably one of my best friends.”
Salley, whose impressive resume includes being one of the state’s top
high jumpers and pentathletes, admitted it was nice to finally be the
one in the limelight.
“Moira is a great friend,” said Salley, who is being recruited hard by
Richmond and Stonehill. “I never hope she doesn’t do well. If it’s
another girl, I hope they lose! But to switch roles (with Moira) it’s
The knee still throbs at times and the cross country season didn’t go
according to plan when Salley contracted mononucleosis, but yesterday
made all the obstacles seem like distance memories.
Is she still subpar?
“Apparently not!” said the giddy champion.

“I might hear tonight. It’s Richmond or Stonehill. I’m hoping
Richmmond, but i’d be happy with either.”

Eve Bishop is a brilliant young woman. MIT doesn’t accept average.
Neither does Cornell, where the Andover senior will be attending school
next fall.
But the science whiz keeps it simple on the track.
Her philosophy is elementary but proven:
“Just get out as fast as can and catch the competition as soon as
possible,” she said.
She did that to perfect but then had to hold off Acton-Boxboro’s Maya
Jarostchuk to win the 300 meters 40.70-40.83
“I’m satisfied with the place, but I know I can go faster,” said
Bishop, who placed fourth last year.

Game Statistics:

Division 1 States (girls)
Team scores (26 scored):
1. Newton North 55, 2. Andover 48, 3. Lincoln-Sudbury 42; also 18.tie Haverhill 10
300: 1. Eve Bishop (And) 40.70; 600: 3. Rebecca Stabile
(Hav) 1:36.12; Mile: 6. Julie Solimine (Hav) 5:17.13; 2-mile: 3. Maggie
Mullins (And) 11:19.18
HJ: 1. Jess Salley (And) 5-5, 4.tie Moira Cronin (And) 5-1; LJ: 5.
Bishop (And) 16-8 1/4; HH: 7. Emily Belluche (And) 8.87
4x200: 5. Andover (Chelsea Angelosanto, Emily Shields, Cronin, Sydney
Eberth) 1:48.34; 4x400: 2. Andover (Jaclyn Torres, Alex Puccia, Bishop,
Eberth) 4:01.80; 4x800: 8. Haverhill (Stabile, Bridget Twomey, Meaghan
Broderick, Solimine) 10:02.95

Division 1 States (boys)
Team scores (37 scored): New Bedford 49.5, 2. Acton-Boxboro 39, 3.tie Andover and Newton North 36; also 13.tie Methuen 16, 20.tie Haverhill and Lawrence 8
55 meters: 2. Jean Zorrilla (Law) 6.68, 6. Alex Mayhew (Hav) 6.79; 300:
2. Pat Farnham (And) 36.13; 600: 4. Josh Goehring (Hav) 1:23.94; 1,000:
4. Cam Kelley (Meth) 2:33.21, 6. Ryan Cooney (And) 2:34.78; Mile: 3.
Simon Voorhees (And) 4:23.28, 8. Will Ossoff (And) 4:29.28; SP: 4. Dan Cormier (Meth) 50-8;
4x200: 2. Andover (Farnham, Troy Cayon, Adam Carrington, Cole
Organisciak) 1:31.98; 4x800: 1. Andover (Cooney, Mike Maldari,
Ossoff, Voorhees) 8:06.22, 3. Methuen (Steve Lilja, Michael O’Donnell,
Kelley, Kyle Moschetto) 8:09.46

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