Central Catholic Raiders Girls Track and Field '16

Sat, Apr 16, 2016 09:00 AM @ Haverhill
Team Final
Central Catholic 1
Haverhill 2

North Andover's Tapper a Fab Frosh

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Saturday, April, 16 By David Willis
Staff writer

HAVERHILL — North Andover freshman Trinity Tapper made the mistake of asking the question before the finals began.

“I was thinking the other girls were around my age,” she said. “Then I asked and they were all junior and seniors. It was kind of nerve-wracking to think about how much older than me they were.”

No matter, as the Scarlet Knights youngster flew to victory in the 100 meter dash in 13.27, edging Maeve Swanton of Reading (13.41) and Kiana Bueno of Haverhill (13.46).

“I was confident I would make the finals, but I knew those girls were quick,” said Tapper. “I had to calm myself down before the race and stay loose. The race was so close, but I didn’t look back and I was just determined to win. It felt so great.”
Samuel takes on 400
Already owner of the Eagle-Tribune area records in both the 100 and 200, Methuen’s Wileshka Samuel was excited for a new challenge on Saturday.
“Everybody knows me for my short sprints,” she said. “So when coach (Nick Collopy) suggested I try something new and run the 400 I thought that would be so much fun.”
Samuel won the seeded head in 1:00.69, and ended up second overall, falling to Billerica’s Alyssa Harris (1:00.67) by the slimmest of margins.
“I actually love the 400,” said Samuel. “It was the first race I ran when I started track and I run some relays. I obviously love the sprints, but the 400 is fun.”
Samuel also ran on the 4x100 that won in a meet-record 51.51. She was joined by Kacey DePina, Megan Hamel, and Jurnie Raschke.
Timberlane’s Renahan now a veteran
One season ago, Timberlane’s Elise Renahan was the new girl in town.
The junior was in her first year of track, and the Haverhill Invitational was her first taste of a big time meet. One year later, however, she was more than ready for the moment.
Renahan surged to victory in the 200 in 26.70, more than a second ahead of No. 2 Vanessa Norton of Nashua South (27.87).
“I didn’t really know what to expect because I had an injury at the end of winter track,” she said. “I was going to see how it went when I started. I felt good, I took first and I finished it off.
“I feel like I have improved a lot in the last year. It took me a while to learn the sport and get in shape for track. I was nervous then. Now I feel much more confident.”
Kimball steps up late
Timberlane’s Liam Kimball had work to do on the final 400 meters of the mile, sitting in third place after three laps.
“It was what I was looking to do,” he said. “I wanted to come out slow so that I could finish strong. And that’s what I did in the final 600. I controlled myself and waited to make my move.”
Kimball did make the move, and won the race in 4:28.59. Andrew Ernest of Marblehead was second (4:32.88).
“He had a lot of speed so I couldn’t wait too long to go for it,” said Kimball. “I just kind of put my head down, made my move and had to remember that someone was right behind me and I had to finish strong.”

Game Statistics:

Top five team scores and locals (16 teams scored):  1. Andover 77, 2. Dracut 56, 3. Haverhill 55, 4. Pentucket 50.75, 5. Central Catholic 47.73; Also: 10. Methuen 27, 12. North Andover 21, 13. Timberlane 13

Area placers (Top 6):

Pole vault: 2. Gina Campbell (And) 8-6, 3. Audrey Tabox (And) 8-0, 4. Maddie Buco (Hav) 7-6; Shot put: 6. Marianna Miller (CC) 32-8; Discus: 3. Grace Fallon (NA) 81-9, 5. Regan Finn (CC) 77-3; Javelin: 4. Jennifer Nelson (Pent) 90-2; Long jump: 1. Saige Tudisco (Pent) 16-7, 2. Lizzie Kobelski (And) 15-11.75, 3. Sammie Shea (And) 15-7.5, 6. Emma Sorenson (CC) 14-7.75; Triple jump: 2. Sara Clarke (And) 32-2, 3. Kassie Brink (And) 31-10.5, 6. Julia Worden (CC) 31-0; High jump: 2. Michaela Sliney (Hav) 5-0, 3. Katie Giusti (Pent) 4-10, 4. Casey McCarroll (And)4-10, 5. Siobhan Mitchell (Pent) 4-8, 5. Julia Zargaj (CC) 4-8

100 hurdles: 3. Kobelski (And) 16.41, 4. Miranda Lawrence (And) 16.54, 5. Shea (And) 16.69, 6. Tudisco (Pent) 17.27; 100 meters: 1. Trinity Tapper (NA) 13.27, 3. Kiana Bueno (Hav) 13.46, 4. Hallie Milne (Pent) 13.51, 5. Jurnie Raschke (Meth) 13.60, 6. Kaitlin Douphinette (Timb) 13.93; Mile: 2. Sarah Freeman (CC) 5:32.78, 5. Olivia Mullins (Timb) 5:37.37, 6. Azia Kalil (Meth) 5:38.11; 4x100 relay: 1. Methuen (Kacey DePina, Megan Hamel, Wileshka Samuel, Raschke) 51.51, 3. Pentucket 52.76, 5. Andover 53.86, 6. North Andover 54.71; 400: 2. Samuel (Meth) 1:00.69, 3. Carolyn Modlish (Pent) 1:02.88, 6. Lina Woronko (Pent) 1:03.86; 400 hurdles: 2. Emily Carmichael (CC) 1:09.10, 3. Sliney (Hav) 1:09.78, 4. Sterling Seymour (Pent) 1:11.046. Christina Fleury (NA) 1:12.90; 

800: 4. Maddie Buco (Hav) 2:28.56, 5. Ellison Seymour (Pent) 2:28.58; 200: 1. Elise Renahan (Timb) 26.70, 3. Julia Jankowski (CC) 27.90, 4. Megan Hamel (Meth) 27.92, 5. Jazmin Encarnacion (Meth) 28.14, 6. Lauren Sapienza (NA) 28.60; 2-mile: 1. Jillian Lemieux (Hav) 12:08.12, 2. Sarah Cain (And) 12:22.72, 4. Kathryn Montgomary (CC) 12:37.51, 5. Emily Freeman (Hav) 12.39.31, 6. Emily Rothmann (And) 12:44.80; 4x400 relay: 1. Haverhill (Lina Woronko, Jenna Solimine, Buco, Amanda Vancor) 4:20.39, 2. Pentucket 4:22.44, 3. Central Catholic 4:23.29, 6. Andover 4:28.13

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