Georgetown Royals Boys Lacrosse '08

Georgetown High lacrosse coach Matt Bouchard, right, works with his team during practice earlier this week. » Bryan Eaton, Staff Photographer

Bouchard takes over as Georgetown lacrosse coach

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Thursday, March, 27 By Evan Mugford
Staff writer

Despite a better-than-average season last year, the Georgetown boys lacrosse team has reason to believe that this season could be an even larger step in the right direction.

The main reason for such high hopes is the introduction of new coach Matt Bouchard, a graduate of Merrimack College and a legitimate high school journeyman whose coaching stops have seen him at Salem High and Masconomet.

A Salem, Mass. native and Georgetown football coach for the past two seasons, Bouchard is well aware of Royal pride and jumped at the chance to coach the school's talented lacrosse program.

Bouchard began playing lacrosse a year before his freshman year at Salem High. It wasn't long before he found a new passion. He jumped at the opportunity to replace the architect of the boys lacrosse, Paul Hartford, who left the team after his son, Tim Hartford, graduated last spring.

"Once I realized the position was open," said Bouchard, "it didn't take me long to put my name in, go through the interview process, and eventually, I was lucky enough to get the job."

Other than coaching two of Georgetown's most rigorous sports, Bouchard also runs a strength and conditioning program for the school since he became the football coach.

"In my opinion, no matter what sport I've been coaching," said Bouchard, "the one thing that can help get athletes to the next level is getting into the weight room. Even a small program can compete with the right training and effort.

"Basically it's a program that's open to the whole school, athletes and non-athletes, and our goal is to build and improve the potential of Georgetown's athletes," explained Bouchard.

Getting bigger and stronger is only a section of the program that has been pushing Georgetown athletes for the last two years. Nutrition and preparation for competitions are also integral parts of Bouchard's routine.

"We talk about nutrition throughout the year," said Bouchard, "because it's not just about getting into the weight room twice a week. It's about filling your body with the right amount of healthy food to maintain their strength and awareness.

"The strength program is here to compliment every program in the school. It's a year-round endeavor," explained Bouchard. "We want the kids to be stronger at the end of the season than they were at the beginning of the season. And with the remarkable lack of injuries the school has sustained, it's evident the program is working."

As the new lacrosse figure-head, Bouchard knows what needs to be done in order for his team to excel.

"I'm always going to take advantage of our team's strengths and have a system in place where if tweaking certain aspects needs to be done, then we'll accomplish it as successfully as possible," stated Bouchard. "This year we're really talented in the midfield position, so I'm really looking for those guys to establish our offense through fluid transition. So we want to force the defense into an unsettled situation and try to generate some offense from there on out."

Whether the team has immediate success or not, Bouchard knows there are other aspects that weigh heavier than athletic skill and prominence.

"One of the best parts about being a coach is having a part in the lives of young athletes," said Bouchard. "A great coach walks the line between being a friend and a coach. But being a mentor to how they live and train is what my main goal certainly is.

"My standard is that I really don't care if you're an All-American, you need to do it right in the classroom too," explained Bouchard. "Every college coach I've ever talked to, the first question is always the same: What type of person are they? That's followed by: How's their character? Then: Can they get it done in the classroom? They don't even talk abut whether the kid can play. I build my program around those concepts."

With the season opener just days away, Bouchard is content with his team's abilities and lineup.

"We have a lot of senior depth," stated Bouchard, "and we're going to set ourselves apart from other teams this year because of our seniors, and the intangibles they've gathered through experience. They're dynamic, they have talent, and they understand the game."

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coach Bouch is the man

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Good Luck Coach

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