Talk Back: Which teams (no matter what sport) have been the most surprising so far this season?

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Which teams (no matter what sport) have been the most surprising so far this season?

Leave your answers below. Make sure to list the sport along with the team you are talking about.

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0         HockeyFan22

The north andover lady knights have been impressive as of late. They are 5-1 in there last 6 games and seem to be going into a good direction. The team has finally came together to play some real good ball

Report! #1 01/19/2008 12:12 AM

0         HockeyFan22

for basketball

Report! #2 01/19/2008 12:13 AM

0         Football Fan

Amesbury football without a doubt. Most Cape Ann Leaguers have pretty much known that 2008 will be led by the Amesbury Indians.......likely Superbowl contenders. But, 2007? Wow, they surprised everyone, I think. Fact; the class of 2009 has gone undefeated since those boys were nine years old....all during youth, freshman, jv. Same for the class of 2010; undefeated in youth, freshman, jv. This league has not seen that by any other town. Can't wait til next season!

Report! #3 01/19/2008 09:01 AM

0         knights10

No doubt NA is the best all around sport school in Cape Ann they always make noise in football, have never missed a state tournament in soccer, feild hockey once again went far into the state tournament, and even XC has even shown up on the map. Basketball we are in first place in CAL, girls are deffinaltely showing improvement and once again noone can touch us in wrestling. Spring sports we do extremely well in lacrosse, and spring track, softball has been extremely good the past two years and baseball is even heading in the right direction. No doubt we are the best all around school for sports in he Cape ann league

Report! #4 02/05/2008 05:10 PM

0         ptuck47fb

yeah pentucket powns alll

Report! #5 02/14/2008 07:25 PM

0         tomdaman11

North Andover's beruit team 123-0

Report! #6 02/17/2008 10:41 PM