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Talk Back: Who will be the top boys lacrosse teams this year?

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Who will be the top boys lacrosse teams this year?

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17 Story Comments

0         ManBone

The masco bros will be the best laxers around this season, dig it..

Report! #1 03/20/2008 11:39 AM

1         Dthom89

Peabody will get it done, as will masco and st johns prep.

Report! #2 03/20/2008 09:39 PM

0         KnightsHockey

Cape Ann League boys lacrosse has always been dominated by North Andover and that wont change this year. Btw I enjoyed watching santos cry on the middle of our field last year when we won the CAL again.....

Report! #3 03/20/2008 11:43 PM

0         Nadjee08

I think Georgetown will be competitive this year with the new coach, so look out for this team to hopefully make a run.

Report! #4 03/21/2008 10:57 AM

0         ptuck47fb

excuse me but ptuck pwns all you little bonerkillers, just wanted you to know that, ptuck all the way

Report! #5 03/25/2008 09:06 PM

0         Nadjee08

pentucket!! haha we'll c

Report! #6 03/27/2008 11:22 AM

0         hornetkid16

pentucket? yea good one ME is gonna do well this year cause all those seniors who were team killers from last year are gone. the holy trinity (WD JF SD) will dominate

Report! #7 04/02/2008 09:40 PM

0         RBTFS102108

yeah, i dont know about Georgetown they'll need to step it up if they want to win. They recently lost to Fenwick and Fenwick is not the best team in the league at all. But on another hand, I have seen Fenwick play a couple games this year and they are looking strong. It seems that they possibly can take the CCL. But I don't know if they have what it takes to tkae on the rest of D3.

Report! #8 04/06/2008 04:34 PM

0         jonol111

WHO the F--K DARES diss A-Robs and P-Tuck LAX?

Report! #9 04/08/2008 06:45 PM

0         KnightsHockey

after a 14 to 3 beat down with our subs in......i do.

Report! #10 04/09/2008 06:46 PM

0         LAXXX2828

i say peabody and beverly for the best game of the year by far

Report! #11 04/10/2008 06:09 PM

0         ManBone

masco vs. na will show that masco is the best

Report! #12 04/15/2008 12:34 PM

0         TanLaxMan43

i agree peabody vs beverly best game by far but i am confident the tanners will come out on top

Report! #13 04/21/2008 06:05 PM

0         RallyNorthIsBiased

I noticed alot of you fail to mention Governor's and SJP, they are by far the best local teams. Best public school team goes to Peabody, who will be strong in Derrek West's senior year. Governor's is owning the ISL once again (they are ranked 4th in New England) and SJP will finally earn everyone's respect this weekend with an upcoming game against Duxbury.

Report! #14 04/27/2008 10:30 PM

0         TanLaxMan43

tanners came out on top jus like i sed

Report! #15 04/28/2008 09:06 AM

0         Bruisa

peabody tanners LAX easily takes the cake. No stopping them this year.

Report! #16 04/28/2008 06:40 PM

0         northshorescouts

i think that the peabody tanners will have a pretty domo season b.c they have a young team that has skill and exp. and will have alot of kids back. the fresh. team wont b that good but they have three amazing players poss. call ups (doubtfull b.c of age they dont want 2 permantly hurt them) but those three players are dj henrick - middie mike moran-middie/attack/dfesne/goalie(older brother just grad. in '08 and left his brother with alot of knowledge of what 2do and expt. so very promissing 4 him) and shawn wlasuk/middie

Report! #17 09/13/2008 10:15 PM